~ Massages ~

Swedish Massage


With light to medium pressure, this treatment promotes relaxation and improves circulation. Aromatherapy can be added at your request.

50 minutes – $75
80 minutes – $110

Therapeutic Massage

A  blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue, which combines both pressure styles to allow relaxation while still targeting sore areas.

50 minute – $85
80 minute – $120

Deep Tissue Massage

Aims at the deep tissue structure of the muscle. Firm pressure is used throughout the massage.

5o minute – $95
80 minute – $130

Prenatal Massage

With the aid of a uniquely designed pregnancy pillow, mom-to-be can completely relax while releasing low back tension.

50 minutes only – $95

Hot Stone Therapy

Using heated river stones, this massage brings you to a deeper level of relaxation. The combination of the heat therapy and pressure of the massage strokes allows your full body to warm and relax.

80 minutes only – $130

Express Massage

Targets the neck, shoulders, and back allowing for the ease of tension. The perfect treatment when you are short on time!

25 minutes – $45

Cranial Release Technique (CRT)

15 minutes – $75

Buy 5, Get 1 Free!

Buy 10, Get 3 Free!

Sticks & Stones Massage

50 minutes -$95

80 minutes – $130